Who we are

We're on a mission to help people feel seen in their story. Here's the crew making that a reality on every roadtrip, studio buildout and backyard set we find ourselves on!
Kyler Beal
Founder & Director
Can't be away from a body of water for more than 2 days, fills entire whiteboards with ideas in his sleep, and firmly believes there's a chance Atlantis is real.
Chris buhl
Partner & Head of Production
Passions are epitomized by Formula 1: efficiency, teamwork, and thrill. Eats logistics for breakfast, and has a life long mission to get rid of daylight saving time.
Ramiro De Loza
Video Production Lead
Sunset chaser who makes friends with humans in order to meet their dogs, unofficial Van's skateboarder who's always hunting down old rusty cars to photograph.
Chazlee Johnson
Account Producer
Literal and figurative mountain climber who believes in people and ideas, champion of trying new things in life because we’re here for a good time not a long time.
Jenna Silvers
Motion Designer
Avid doodler, reader, and cartoon enthusiast balancing whimsy with depth, wanders through forests and along the ocean and has no problem getting lost along the way.

what moves us

Why Minivan Productions?

human centered design

We believe your story deserves to be told by someone willing to make space for it.

The heart behind why this company exists is to listen and then amplify - so that brands, missions, and movements can find their voice.

We commit to asking questions, walking alongside you, and showcasing value where it’s going unseen.

Relationships create awareness; awareness creates change.

Media that moves
Relationships, People, Culture, YOU.

Departure from the usual

As kids, we are incredible divergent thinkers. A stack of cardboard can be a plane, a race car, or a time-traveling machine!

We see a lot of those curious kids now taking more traditional patterns... we still see blank canvases. Holding onto that childlike curiosity means thinking fiercely about disrupting the way we are taught to see things. We're intentional about encouraging and affirming new ideas and strap in with you, rather than cave to fear in the unknown.

We don’t know everything - we really shouldn’t as long as the realm of possibilities truly stays endless, so we stay eager to learn.

To that end, we are committed to the power of curiosity, to the beauty in the unknown, and an unflinching belief that there’s another way to do things.

Media that moves Investors, Products, What's Next, etc.

what's on the inside counts

There must be a purpose to the content we create, the interactions we engage in and the mark we leave on a room.

We aren't looking to disrupt your culture, we're looking to be a part of it! That purpose is why we work with people we believe in - companies, organizations, causes, and initiatives we believe in.

We want to craft media that moves cultures and communities, so we can’t lose sight of why we’re really here:

To start meaningful conversations with meaningful audiences.

Media that moves Causes, Movements, Donors, etc.

That's a little about our story

But, we exist to make sure people hear yours.


Tested for Distance

We're parked in San Diego, CA.

But we're built for cross country travel, and we never say no to a good old fashion road trip for the right conversation.

Media that moves Maps, ETA's, and Mountains.


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