Simplify the complex with a video that
doesn't leave them guessing.

What is an

Really cool things can also be really confusing. When you're trying to scale your company or increase support, you don't have time to keep repeating yourself.

Explainer videos crush confusion with dynamic content that takes your audience through everything they need to know.

The Explainer Video Wireframe

  1. The Opportunity: Open with what opportunity your product or service offers.
  2. The Problem: Resonate with the challenge your audience is facing.
  3. The Solution: Position your product as their simple and clear solution.
  4. The USP: Explain what makes your product the best choice.
  5. The Next Step: Close with a direct call to action.

What makes a great Explainer?

  • A concise storyline
  • Conversational tone & simple language
  • Engaging graphics that embody your brand and capture attention
  • Clear focus on consumer benefits - over product features
  • Music matched to the pace of the content
  • A Strong call to action

What can an Explainer Replace?

  • In-person Training
  • Lengthy Emails
  • Sales Meetings
  • Product Demos
  • Donor Pitches

People purchase what they can picture: 81% of people tend to buy a product/service after watching an explainer video on the website

Case Studies

Explainers in Motion

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